Thursday, July 10, 2008


When I get overwhelmed with life I get the urge to purge! What is that all about? I am getting ready to grab a trash bag, head down to the basement and throw a ton of things away! I just put the kids to bed so they won't know that I am getting rid of a TON of little toys that don't really get played with. They just get thrown on the floor.

The thing is that I have been waiting to do this all day. I couldn't wait to go down there and get rid of things.

I also have moving on my mind. I found a townhouse for sale in our neighborhood that I want. It is so cute and really well put together. It's an end unit so it has a little yard and patio. So, not only am I purging, but I also have moving in mind. So, it's going to be the type of purging where I think, "If I were to move into a smaller space, would I take this?" Oh, my poor children. They have no idea what their old toys are facing. Yikes. Many times when I get into purging modes I put the toys in our storage room and wait to completely get rid of them just in case I later change my mind. I should probably do that tonight.

Things are stressful right now. Dan keeps losing more bits of vision in his right eye. He just got out of the hospital after receiving IVIg treatment that is supposed to help with Susac's Syndrome that he was just diagnosed with. They also changed up his meds. So, he gets home and then feels as though he's losing vision. Oy. Just when you think you might catch a break.

God keeps teaching us and stretching us. I just keep looking upward, trying to keep up with each day ... one day at a time.

Now off to purge ...

Oh, I should probably say that we are not planning on moving. Moving into a townhouse from our single family home would be a huge move. I just wouldn't mind a lot less yard to take care of. The biggest adjustment to the townhouse would be much smaller bedrooms for the kids. We'll see. I'm kind of praying that it just sells so I can stop thinking about it :P But, (one last thing) I took the kids tonight to get happy meals at McDonalds and there is a sign on the road that says "Home for Sale 508 Pine Street." That's the house I've been looking at!! Why is there a random sign in a random yard like that? It was one of those signs that you would see outside a church with those crazy sayings on them that are supposed to get you to church.

Okay, now I'm really going down to purge.

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Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

there's one on nichols st, too. ;)