Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joy in the Midst of Trial

So, Dan went to his appt yesterday to see Dr. Brown. We got good news too. The pressure is down in his eyes and there is no new vision loss. Praise God!

We never know what each day will bring concerning his eyes so we especially are grateful for good days like these.

We waited about 3 hours for this good news, but it was worth the wait. Dr. Brown is a wonderful compassionate man and we thank God for him. He almost died not too long ago from a kidney disease, was paralyzed for a year, had a transplant and is now better. To see him you would NEVER know he has been through so much! And to think he has been able to keep living to continue helping so many people. I pray that God will keep him healthy because he is just so wonderful.

So, we are waiting in the waiting room, and naturally some conversation starts about how long the wait is, etc. Well, through that conversation it turns out there is a family there from none other than DuBois, PA. Their faces were hilarious when I told them I knew where that was because Dan was born there. It was classic! Of course, the conversation went from there and when Dan came back and joined in it was fun to hear the people they knew who he knew, etc. Their two oldest boys went to First Baptist Academy too. Kay Spencer is the husband's cousin. The husband's name is Byron Thomas. The son is Bob Thomas, and I hate to say it, but I can't remember the wife's name which is so sad because she was such a nice woman. I'll find out though. I have the son's e-mail address.

Meanwhile, this family has quite a story. The son, Bob is blind now. They have a rare genetic disease. The mom is blind in her right eye and has trouble walking. The disease causes tumors to grow in the brain and on the spine. By the time they found hers they could not operate. She has 4 out of 7 siblings who were diagnosed with it as well, and 3 of them have already died. It basically takes over your organs eventually. Ugh. It's just so heartbreaking. She already had her 3 kids before she found out she was a carrier of the gene. They believe Dr. Brown is the reason the son was able to keep his vision for the ten years after they diagnosed him. That's why they are willing to drive 5 hours every month or so to see him. When Bob lost the last bit of vision Dr. Brown cried with him. He had tried everything he could to save it.

That's why we love him too. He has been that way with Dan. We know he is doing all he can in his power to help save Dan's vision. When Dan was so sick recently he checked in just to see how Dan was doing and wanted to make sure our other doctors were taking care of him. Dr. Brown is on a lot of the same meds as Dan so he gets how sick you can get while on these meds.

So, for all you prayer warriors who check this site, lift some up for this family. To talk to them you would never know how deep their hurts are. They are so friendly and happy. Bob, the son, is actually a pastor. He is 23 and is the assistant pastor at a church near DuBois. He is also going to be helping another church in Curwensville. He is an evangelist and goes to many places sharing his story and preaching. What a testimony for this young man to have gone blind at 18, yet still continue his education and share the Word of God. That is the God we serve! The One in whom we can find joy through all of our trials.

I felt so blessed to have met this family. I have Bob's flyer with his info on it so we will probably be in touch with them.

So, hug your family today and thank God for the health He has blessed us with.

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