Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Hate Goodbyes

I always have and always will. It's only gotten harder since we have had kids too because they don't like saying goodbye either. We said goodbye to Dan's parents on Monday. I said goodbye to Dan at the hospital yesterday, which hospital goodbyes are by far the worst kind. Then this morning we said goodbye to Susan and Josh.

It was great having Susan and Josh here and not just because they took us out to dinner last night, watched our kids all day yesterday, and mowed our grass! They are just easy company. We all just settled in like they were going to be here forever so it was quite a bummer when they left this morning. Our kids just love them. It is so heartwarming to see your children so happy with their aunt and uncle.

So, now it's back to life. I'm sure I have bills to pay. I know I have laundry to do, and vacuuming, and grocery shopping. But, here I sit sipping my coffee, missing my hubby, and wondering when I will get sleep again.

Speaking of sleep, we don't get very much of it when Susan and Josh are here. I was coloring Susan's hair at 11 pm last night :P It does look great though and it was fun to play hairdresser for a night. I even took pictures :)

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