Saturday, July 17, 2010

Live on Your Toes!

This is my new life motto.

I discovered it last night.

Dan and I were chatting about the world ending soon, or not ending soon.

(Isn't that what you do on a Friday night with your husband?)

This was all on the heels of discussing the recent earthquake in MD and people thinking the world is coming to an end as a result of the earthquake and the blizzards they got this winter.

It isn't a secret that the world will end one day, at least not in my mind.

So, I simply said that we should focus on living in a way that we are not surprised when Christ returns. We should be expecting Him to the point where when He comes we are able to say, "We've been expecting you! So nice to see you!" To which I then said, "You just need to live on your toes!" Then I got excited and made that my life motto.

Don't be surprised if you hear those words come out of my mouth a time or two with a little giggle attached. Because while I believe it's true, Dan and I did have a good laugh over it. And, I was able to use it again before the night was over.

Good times with my hubster. He's the best.


Mrs. J said...

Haha LOVE it! How come I did not know this...or even realize you were blogging again? Hmmm????

kate said...

I think this was during our time of not much chatting :( I just used it the other day though with Dan :) I just started my blog up again one day. Too many memories are happening that I will forget about too quickly so I thought I needed to start posting again.