Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hate it when I get the urge to post melodramatic stuff online whether it's here or on Facebook, but I feel better about posting it here since I believe no one really reads my blog anyway. I have other issues with Facebook right now, but I'll save that for a different post.

So, heregoes my melodrama! ...

I am so worked up over the kids starting school this year. I know that mostly it revolves around Elijah starting Kindergarten and on top of the usual waaaaaahhhhhhh my kid is starting kindergarten I also know he didn't have a great year in school last year for a number of reasons and I am afraid we are going to be facing all of that again as well.


So, naturally, I want to just take each of my children and tuck them ever so gently back under my wings and pretend there is no world out there worth taking every advantage of in all the good and bad it offers to us.


Not out there.

Okay, but first, every time I try to hint to the kids that I want to keep them home protected by me forever they instantly resist. And, second, I don't really have wings that I can do that with!

But, the other thing I am stressing over already is them getting sick. It always starts up in the Fall and lasts through the Spring. Both kids. It is very frustrating. On so many levels.

So, what have I been doing? Fretting. Getting annoyed. Feeling anxious.

Is that helping? No.

The other day I even asked myself "Self? Have you prayed about ANY of these things you are fretting over?" And, because I asked myself and because my brain and I share the same, well, brain it just doesn't make sense to lie about it so I had to honestly answer no. And then I quick prayed about it.

Have I really prayed since then? No.

I am pathetic. I think this burden would be a little easier to bare if I asked for some help with it.

This one, and all the others I am holding so close to my heart while not being so nice to my family.

Again, this is one of those reminder posts. Maybe if I write about it I will remember later when I start fretting over the next set of issues that come my way.

Now if you'll excuse me please, I have some praying to do ...


Mrs. J said...

I am now a daily reader...since I have my list o blogs in google reader :) I love that you have been posting. Makes me feel like when we don't talk we are staying connected :)

Sigh. I am sorry...I am with you on the "baby going to kindergarten" and "kids getting sick" especially since Chase is starting too...ok. thanks for the getnle reminder. I think I need to be in constant prayer right now. So, off to do dishes...and have an internal conversation with my Heavenly Father!

Love you!

Mrs. J said...

Oh & i am with ya on the feeling of wanting to post depressing things. Since I am not a good journaler, my need to get things out and my desire to blog about it overwhelms me. I would rather not do it on FB. I don't want all the "oh what's wrong" "it will be ok" sympathy etc. etc. SO what's your issue with FB? you wanna delete your page like I do? :) You know I won't but..SO,

I started another blog. I wanted to keep my "Proud Mamma" blog as my "mommy memory" blog. which desperately needs updating. So I started a ME blog. it is listed in my profile. But my first two posts...depressing. noone will follow me if I keep that up! And I am trying to figure out how to make it a "web page" become more active with it. Especially since I am addicted to this blogging world!

kate said...

oh fun! i'll have to find it and become a follower. i kind of forget how to do all of that.

maybe i'll post about fb at some point. it's just people take things the wrong way, or post things that are crazy. i mainly just use it to keep up with my closest friends and very rarely comment on other people's stuff. so many times i will write a comment and then delete b/c i just don't feel like dealing :P

i don't think i will delete my account. there are too many family members that i would be clueless about if i did that, but i am definitely hiding a lot of people and trying to avoid fb drama.

looking forward to reading your new blog :)

Skinney said...

Well, I know our conversation tonight had a lot of interruptions, but I would like to hear about your FB drama.....

kate said...

oh, i can fill you in next time we talk shannon. it's nothing major.