Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swiss Cheese Revelation

It occurred to me last night that I feel like swiss cheese.

Let me explain.

Life kicks your butt. In one way or another life just chips away at you. It's all part of living in a fallen world. You get sick. You get old. Loved ones die. Your children go through issues. Spouses go through stuff. It can just be hard at times.

So, last night I was lying in bed thinking about the issues our family is facing right now and I realized I felt like swiss cheese. It's like I have all these little holes from the things that are eating at me that we are dealing with.

What are those things you ask? Well, our good friends are moving away. Friends who our whole family has become friends with who are really more like family. It sucks. None of us want them to go.

My cats are in kidney failure and could have months or years ahead of them. It's hard to tell.

We may need to find a new home for our dog Daisy who is honestly the sweetest dog you would ever meet. And, she is as loyal as loyal comes. I love her so much. But, my kids have asthma (another issue eating at me with fall/winter coming) and I am thinking Daisy, more like Daisy's hair, is part of the problem. She sheds SO much. I had never had a shedding dog before. I had no idea how bad it could be.

So, facing all these issues I realize it is not just me facing them, but Madelyn too. Dan and Elijah will cope better than Madelyn or I will. I think. And knowing that your kids are going to suffer too makes it all that much worse.

Thinking on all these things made me realize that I feel like swiss cheese. A lot of holes.

But, when I look back at past trials I realize that while I emerge feeling wounded I am somehow stronger too. I haven't figured out how the stronger part works into the swiss cheese analogy yet except that maybe swiss cheese is still strong enough on the inside to be sliced like a whole cheese? hmmm. I don't know, but yeah. I am still going to stick to my swiss cheese analogy.

I think ...


ann said...

Oh Kate, I am so sorry for all your tribulations! Life is hard sometimes but it is so well worth living. I will be praying for you all. I love you. Aunt Ann

kate said...

Thanks Aunt Ann. I appreciate your prayers. I was feeling really overwhelmed the other night, but mentally I am better now. Love you too!