Monday, August 16, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress

I am reading Pilgrim's Progress.

I ordered it from the library and am LOVING it so far.

I remember reading it in school at one point. I think the teacher read it out loud to us. But, reading it now as an adult, more mature in my faith (with still so much farther to go) it is so so good.

Dan suggested he and I read it together which means I read it out loud while he falls asleep. I can't stay focused enough to listen to him read it out loud and he apparently can't stay awake while I read it to him. Then I usually can't stop reading it even though he falls asleep so I read way ahead of where he last remembers. But, Dan's brain is like a sponge so he already has a good knowledge of a book as a whole from the last time he read it which was probably umpteen years ago. Whereas my memory of it from umpteen years ago is a guy had a burden on his back while he walked a path. Yup. Oh, and his name is Christian.

And that my friends is why I am reading the book again now and also why I need constant reminders about everything during every day of my life.

Back to Christian. Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to see how his journey plays out. Already he has been through so much and it is just as though he is at the part in his faith where the Holy Spirit is opening his eyes to God's wisdom and understanding. I remember those days in my faith where all of a sudden things just are not right, but I don't really understand why.

I love getting to know characters through books. Already I love Christian so much and ache for him as he goes through his trials. It is so thought provoking and takes me back to so many different point in my walk of faith.

A couple of things made me want to read this book. One, Mark Dever referenced it in a sermon. He broke down while reading a passage from the book. And two, I am reading a book about OCD. OCD thoughts specifically and Bunyan is one of the people the author cites as one who struggled in this way. So, already I feel like he and I are kindred spirits.

It is amazing to me how God allowed Bunyan's mind to work in such a way that he was able to write this story. Creative minds like that always amaze me.

So, as I finish this post I am at the point where Christian burden has fallen off his back and he is on the narrow path. This book is so timely for me right now. God seems to do that a lot. He brings books my way just when I need them. It was the same with the book Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand, but that's a whole other post.

Anyway, such a good read and reading it out loud helps me to deal with the old english language that is used in it. And, reading it out loud still helps Dan to fall asleep, pretty quickly I might add. Although Dan says he loves hearing me read it because he can tell I am totally into it and feeling the emotions. How can you not?? Christian is so heartfelt and confused at times and just trying to figure it all out!!

Do you think the kids would think it was strange if I just plopped myself on the couch and continued reading the book out loud with the old english language? Probably, but it's not as though I have the luxury of doing that today anyway. Lots of laundry calls my name along with other little chores that need to be done, not to mention the added children I have in my house today.


Mrs. J said...

Ooo, Maybe if I read out loud to CJ he would fall asleep?! :-)

This is so fun. Love it!

What book are you reading about OCD?

kate said...

I think it's called Can Christianity Overcome OCD, but I am not positive. I've had it for a while, but am still working through it. It says that Martin Luther had it as well. It's very interesting.

So funny about CJ! Try it and see what happens :)