Monday, December 20, 2010

A Compilation

It was fun to read through the drafts of posts that never officially to "print" on my blog. Many little tidbits I had forgotten. So, I thought I would put them into one post. Here they are ...

"Mommy are you going to be old tomorrow like a grandma?" My birthday was Sunday.


Every now and then I will "snuggle" with Elijah at bedtime because ... well, he's just so darn cute and how can I resist when he is all sleepy and asking if I will snuggle?! So I did. After I laid down he was chatting quite a bit and then said in a sleepy cute little way, "Mommy, is it okay if I talk to you with my eyes closed?" (as he could barely keep them open at that point anyway) I told him of course it was and he rolled over and went to sleep. I will miss these snuggle nights.


We had Ellie and Emma with us all weekend. It's great because Emma and Madelyn are the same age and so are Elijah and Ellie. So, of course all of them were super thrilled to be spending the weekend doing one big slumber party.

So, Friday came. I picked up all the kids from school. They came home and played like crazy. I put them all to bed early because I figured they would be up giggling for a while. They were all in one room.

That's when the 1,332 trips downstairs started ...

Can we listen to something?
I'm thirsty.
I'm actually hungry -- to which Elijah then told Ellie she couldn't eat something because she might poop the bed! (ha haha ha!!!)
I don't want to listen to that CD!
I want to listen to this.
I'm still thirsty!

and on ... so funny.

I had to start threatening after that. I told Elijah if he came down again he would have to lie down in my bed ... "by myself?" "Yes." "You won't snuggle with me?" "No."

Then Ellie called down, "Miss Kate? Here's the deal ..." and then it was something about Elijah. Love that girl. She is so funny.


Elijah said to me the other day, "Why did you marry Papa and not me?" I explained to him that I wouldn't have him if I didn't marry Papa. He actually told me that he gives me more kisses. So funny! He thought maybe when he gets older he and I could get married. I then explained to him that I would be old and gray. He then thought maybe he could marry Madelyn. Madelyn did not agree.

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