Friday, December 24, 2010


Madelyn just started playing We Three Kings on the piano. Elijah said, "Madelyn, Mommy didn't tell you you have to play the piano." Usually we have to tell her to practice. She doesn't love practicing. She enjoys playing, but practicing can be a challenge sometimes. I love it though when she just hops on and starts playing.

And, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! I keep shaking the kids in excitement reminding them what day it is. SO EXCITING!!!!! Meanwhile, they have been waking up at the crack of dawn. They don't even have to wake up so early for school! It's craziness. They are going to be little monsters by the time this weekend is over.

I have just enough gifts under the tree to keep them guessing. Madelyn has been all through them to figure out which one is for who. So funny. They don't think I know they are doing it. Ahhh, Christmas is fun with kids. Who else's birthday creates a month of celebration around the world? Even people who are not Believers get into Christmas. That really does say something about what we are celebrating and why. Just a thought.


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