Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Guilty

I have spent a lot of time at Target lately. Yes. More time than usual. It is Christmas time afterall and gifts don't just magically appear under the tree! Unless of course you order from amazon and then it does come pretty darn close to that, but that's another post.

One day I had went a little crazy at Target and had buyer's remorse. I planned to go right back after Thanksgiving and return a lot of the items I bought. Two of the items were shirts for Elijah.

I was very happy to get almost $80 back on my card. I know. I already admitted I went a little nuts, and I may or may not have turned around and put that much back on my card. That's besides the point.

As I was shopping I realized that I shouldn't have returned the one shirt for Elijah. It was a Lego Batman shirt that came with a knit hat with a little batman head on the front. I know he is going to LOVE it. So, I went back to the return desk and asked for it back. I am known for returning things all the time, but I can tell you that I have NEVER gone back and asked for something back before this time. It felt weird, but I was determined to give Elijah that shirt for Christmas.

Long story short I was able to track it down to the fitting room lady. Ahhhh, relief. I was so happy again for Elijah. The shirt was originally ten dollars. When I went to check out the shirt was $5. Eek!! I felt guilty. I honestly did not plan that. Although I will say it made me want to go back and see if the tinker bell pjs for Madelyn I returned were marked down. I didn't though! Don't judge.

Elijah is going to love the shirt! I just know it.


Kristine said...

You're awesome, and I love Target :)

kate said...

you are awesome too! and you make some really cute boys :)