Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Recap ...

Christmas break?  I don't think so.  We have had A LOT of company and fun things going on.  I am tired, but I know I will miss it all next week when we are back into the school routine and missing everyone.

We enjoyed a hymn sing at our church, Christmas Eve with our dear friends, Christmas with friends we now jokingly call family because of family members being from the same area as Dan, pretty much if you are from that area or know of it you are probably related ;)  Friends from NJ came to visit.  We went roller skating with our kids.  Hung out on Tuesday in a dark living room while Dan and Chris worked in the basement.  They had to turn the electric off so they could re-wire some things.  Elijah had a birthday party to go to.  We said good-bye to our friends from Jersey.  Dan and Chris continued to work on our basement until they got drywall up.  It's AMAZING!!!  The lights are re-positioned in better spots so it's brighter and just having white drywall up makes a HUGE difference.  LOVE IT already and it still has a lot of work to be done.

Josh and Susan came to visit!  YAY!!!  They have already been on the road for a week and have another week to spend with Vern & Lois.  Their poor kids (and probably them) are exhausted.  They head out today :(  We had a blast last night celebrating the New Year with them and Jess & Jon.  All the kids were great, and we were able to play a game and laugh a ton.  I think I will be laughing for days just thinking about things from last night which will be good because this week is going to be brutal trying to get back into routine and not staying up until 2 a.m.  Ugh.

So, overall it's been a fun week.  We also got to shop with the kids so they could spend their gift cards.  It seemed they were burning a hole in their pockets.  It's amazing how you can spend $250 in gift cards in just two short days right after Christmas.  Oh my.

Yay for a new year.  Yay for family and friends, and yay for health and love.  Happy New Year!!

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