Monday, November 28, 2011

Where was I?

Oh yeah, we had Thanksgiving ...

After telling the kids we were NOT stopping.  We were going to try to make it as far as we could before stopping.  No drinking.  No snacking because then you'll get thirsty ... and we stopped about 45 minutes down the road.

Elijah had to pee and I had stomach issues.  Good times at the rest stop.  Then we stopped again.  Dan had stomach issues.  This was Thanksgiving morning.  Dan's parents were expecting us for the meal by 1.  I had a casserole in my cooler.

We finally get there and I fell asleep soon after.  I woke up to eat and then fell asleep again soon after.  I wish I could have enjoyed the meal more.  Dan's mom said the turkey wasn't done right.  I cooked my casserole the night before, could have sworn I put it in the fridge, only to realize the next morning it was still sitting, covered, on the stove.


We had issues.  The good news is that we have had many Thanksgiving dinners with Dan's parents that have been much MUCH better.

That night we left around 8 pm to hit Walmart for some amazing deals.  Good times :)  Shopping is my love language.

Dan's Dad even went.  He heard about that laptop they were selling for $248 and he was all over it.  He and Dan waited in line forever and Merry Christmas to me!  I will soon have a normal size laptop.

Can. Not. Wait.

Our desktop computer died so I am left with my little laptop all the time.  I like my little buddy, but sometimes I just want to look through pictures without having to scroll down to see just one whole picture.

Dan was ready to set it up for me, but I told him I was waiting for Christmas for it.  He's going to set it up in secret so Christmas day I can open it and use it right away.  Yay!  I don't even mind knowing ahead of time.

We got some other goodies too.  I don't know that I would just go out to shop that day if I wasn't trying to get a deal, but it was worth it for the deals we got.

I told Elijah that night that we were going out hunting (for good deals obviously).  He asked if I was going to shoot a chicken.  Have I mentioned how much that kid cracks me up?

He and Madelyn stayed behind to help Grandma decorate her tree.  They are tree decorating machines.  We decorated ours the night before we left and they loved every second of it.  Dan and I just sit back and enjoy not having to do anything.  Madelyn was thrilled she could do whatever she wanted and I love our tree with the clumps of ornaments here and there.  So what the tree is 13 years old.  It's like a part of our family now :)

We had a good time with Dan's brother's family as well.  Their kids just fuss all over our kids.  They are teenagers and are super sweet so our kids just think they are the best.  We played games and had fun.

It is nice to be home for a while too.  We were away the last two weekends.  Even Daisy was exhausted from her time at the dog sitter's.  I don't think she has woken up yet.

So, that was our Thanksgiving 2011 and boy do we have a ton to be thankful for.  I am so very grateful for all God has blessed us with.

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