Friday, January 27, 2012

The Bug

This stomach bug refuses to leave.  I thought Elijah was better on Wednesday night.  Boy was I wrong.  I don't want to even count the times he has thrown up since then.  Let's just say I have the mounds of sheets and blankets to show it was a lot.

Then last night Madelyn says, "A few of my friends at school today said my eye looked red."  Pink eye.  Greeeeaaaaat ...

So, both kids home today.  The good news is I knew last night they would both be home so I could sleep in.  the bad news is I have been in the house for 3 days.  Three.  Whole.  Days.  That is not good for this extroverted girl who needs human interaction.  Praise the Lord for the phone and internet though.  Where would I be without my phone peeps and social networking peeps?

Yesterday I got Madelyn ready for school and planned to keep Elijah home.  We were walking out the door and Elijah threw up.  I finally took Madelyn in at 10:30 because I thought Elijah would be able to handle the fairly short car ride.  Poor guy threw up on the way home.  At least Madelyn was going to get a full day of school in.  Dan was in Lancaster at a conference so he wasn't local to help get Madelyn to school.

So, things have been fun around here.  Blech. 

My Bible Study is starting up again and we are studying Philippians.  So much of that book is about rejoicing in all things.  Ahem.  So, I have been put to the test this week.  It was good to be mindful of this message last night when Elijah was woken up from a sound sleep by puking.  Poor little guy. 

I went to bed praying and things were looking up this morning which was helpful.  Madelyn's eye looked better and Elijah hasn't thrown up all day even though he has felt like it most of the evening.  He is in better spirits too.

Wasn't this a fun post?  Puking, pink eye, and cabin fever pretty much sums up our lives around here today :)

My kids were super cute today wearing mine and Dan's clothes dressed as spies.  So funny.  They really do enjoy each other.

Hopefully tomorrow I can post about getting to leave the house.  I am pretty low on groceries at this point, and I have plans to get together with a friend tomorrow night.  She suggested it when she saw my e-mail about Elijah still being sick.  She has had a lot going on as well and we both agreed we needed a night out.  Yay!

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