Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have spent quite a bit of time with babies lately which has been super fun. Baby Daisy is just deliciously fun, and the fact that she resembles Madelyn so much really brings back some fun memories. How many times can I use the word fun in this post?

The crazy thing is that Daisy looks like her dad a lot, but then really resembles Madelyn. Figure that one out. Really it's the dark hair and blue eyes that remind me of Madelyn. Babies change so much as they grow so I can't wait to see how she develops and her looks change.

Jess' babies are super fun to have around because she has 2 so chances are one needs to be held. Having twins and one being a boy and one a girl just brings along so many delightful things to observe and ponder. They were so squeezable. Both slept on me at different times and that is the best when you can just hold them and snuggle them.

So, do I want another baby? Not really. I joke that my chihuahua is my baby. I especially tease Susan about raising our babies together and compare Daisy to Molly. Poor Susan. I never had a younger sibling to grow up with so she has sort of filled that role now. I probably drive her crazy so it's may be a good thing that we don't see each other all the time. Although, I think we could manage.

I think Dan would love another baby, but I'm just not feeling it. I will always be curious what a 3rd one would look like, etc., but I am enjoying the stage we are in now. It's a lot of work having a baby, and we just came through 3 REALLY stressful years of our lives with Dan's health issues. I am enjoying the peace right now. God may have other plans for us regarding children and that would be fine, but when it's left up to me I am opting out for now. Plus, I am loving squeezing other peoples' babies, and still getting sleep at night.


Kim said...

You're totally going to have another one. LOL :)

Sorry, I'm just being obnoxious. Like I know anything!

Jessica said...

oh I just read this. This is news to me....hmmmmmmm, you'll have twins.