Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is September really almost here?

My boy is starting K-4 this year. Hard to believe. I keep telling him things that he can and can't do in school trying to prepare him for the classroom setting. For instance, he kissed a kid on the shoulder at swimming lessons the other night. I called him over and explained to him that he just can't kiss his classmates and that the same rule applies to K-4. He said okay and as he was walking back to the pool he turned around, put his arms in the air, smiled big and said, "But they can kiss me!!" Oh boy.

He just loves to hug and kiss people. He loves to sit on people and talk to them, sometimes taking their face in his hands while he is talking to them or asking them a question. It's very sweet, but the older he gets I am trying to teach him about personal space. He is catching on, but last weekend at Dan's parents' church he was greeting the pastor after church. He went to hug the pastor and said, "I can't stop hugging!" I love his personality and his love of life and people. Plus, I can always count on him for a laugh.

So, school should be interesting for my little boy. I am excited for him and for all that he will learn. I know his teacher is wonderful and she absolutely loves her job so I know he will be well-cared for and loved. It is also comforting to know that Dan will be right upstairs. That is a huge blessing. I am really spoiled with our schooling situation, to be less than ten minutes away and have Dan there is just a wonderful thing.

On a related note ...

Madelyn is going to be a 2nd Grader! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did this happen?? I filled out the re-enrollment forms I had a mini-heart attack. I handed them in to the school and one night Dan came home and said, "So, I saw Madelyn's form and when I saw the 2 for her grade I had to do a double take." So, we both shared a "holy crap our life is passing us by like the speed of light" moment. Granted, we started the girl in school early so it's our fault, but still! She's in second grade!! I'm sure I will freak out every year over this type of thing probably for the rest of her life, but don't we all?

I have been trying to convince her to drop out of school and just do what I like to call Snuggle School at home. Basically we sit on the couch and snuggle all day pretending life isn't passing us by and maybe watch a video here and there. She's not going for it, not even with the lure of a video.

She is a brave girl though. She is going to ride the bus home from school this year. This is huge for Madelyn. I have driven her the past two years, but with Elijah being half day, that's 3 separate trips there and back that I will have to make to the school. And, this year I will have one of Elijah's classmates with me in the afternoons twice a week. So, it will just be nice to not have to make that extra trip. She is fine with it though. She knows some of the kids who will be on the bus, and it is a less than 15 minute ride. I, or Dan, will still drive them to school because the bus doesn't take K-4 students so it's all good.

All in all, it's a big year for us on the school front. EEK!


Mrs. J said...

I know, I am having that same heart attack over Chase being in the 1st grade. I am comforted that Seth will only go 3 mornings a week. I couldn't handle more than that! So...on a postive note, we will have a lot of "kid free" phone time:)

I told Seth the other day when he was just looking up at me, smiling with those big brown eyes, he smiles and his whole face lights up, I please please stop growing up and be mommy's baby forever. He said, nope, I gotta do it mom. I don't want to be a child anymore, I want to big and strong like daddy and marry Isabelle! oye!

The Topiary Lady said...

Kate! Just WAIT till you see a 6 in the grade spot! I have 2 middle schoolers this year, when did this all happen?

Miss you girl.