Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Sting

Elijah got stung by a bee for the first time ever tonight. Poor thing. He just started crying and then screaming. He got stung on his finger and right by his ear. First he was screaming about his finger and then he was holding his head saying how badly it hurt.

Thankfully, it didn't swell up too badly, and one of the dad's at the picnic we were at had an insect sting wipe in the car. But, Elijah was so bummed. He had been running and playing happily with all the other TKA students who were there, but that bee took whatever fun he had been having away from him tonight.

He did calm down after a bit. It helped that Dan took over. We told him he joined the ranks now that he had been stung. For some reason it seems that the bees are especially bad this year. They seem to be EVERYWHERE! I couldn't even sit outside today with my coffee without being swarmed by bees! It was crazy.

Anyway, Elijah did say that he thought maybe he got stung because he wasn't supposed to be climbing on top of the tunnel slide. I told him he might be right. It makes me so nervous when kids climb on top of the jungle gym play things instead of on them or through them. Thankfully it was a really small jungle gym so if he had fallen it wasn't very high up.

The Back to School Picnic for TKA is always fun though, and the kids love seeing all of there friends from last year. They run around like crazy and we get whatever new info there is about the school.

Madelyn didn't even know that Elijah got stung. She was having so much fun she didn't hear the screams. When we got home I saw that she had dirt all up and down her shins. A true sign of a fun evening.

I do have to say though that this has been one of the best summers for us. I seriously hate to see it go. We have had so much fun with friends and family. I'm really bummed that all the kids have to go back to school and can't just keep coming over and doing water slides and slip 'n slides in the back yard, not to mention picnics on their towels. Harumph. I guess I just need to look out for fun things to do during the Fall and Winter.

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