Monday, August 24, 2009

Chatting with Friends

I love girls, especially almost 7 year olds. Madelyn had a Birthday party to go to on Saturday for a friend from school. We took Madelyn's friend Isabelle with us. We love Isabelle. She is so cute, and she is close to Madelyn's age. They are the two youngest in their class. Isabelle turns 7 in November.

Anyway, I had them in the car and they were talking as if I was no where around. The conversations went something like this ...

I: I have only told 1 lie.
M: I have told 2.
I: Yeah, I have told 2 also.

I was really curious what those lies were, but I didn't ask. I didn't want them to know I could hear them.

They got a lot of candy from the party so on the way home they were eating some. They pulled out the cinnamon hard candies and each ate one.

I: This is REALLY cinnamony.
M: I know!
I: I am going to spit mine out.
M: I don't want to waste mine because it's candy, and candy is just SO good.
I: Well, I am going to put mine back in the wrapper so that I can eat it later because sometimes you just want that sweet taste!

They just sounded so grown up, but still so cute!

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