Monday, August 24, 2009

Transformer Elijah

Elijah is obsessed with Transformers. He said yesterday, "What if transformers were really in the city and they saw me and I said, 'Hi. I'm Elijah?'" I said, "I know! Then what do you think you would do, go have lunch with them?" He said, "Yeah, but they only like to drink motor oil." It is so fun to run with your children's imagination. I love to day dream with them.

Well, today we went to the school so Elijah could see his classroom, know where the bathroom is, etc. We bumped into a few other girls whose parents work at the school and immediately Elijah was on the floor balled up in his transformer position. The girls just giggled.

If he's not doing a spiderman, wolverine, captain america, or iron man move, he is a transformer. He loves being a hero, and sometimes a villain.

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Daniel said...

I'm strong and I'm bad!