Saturday, May 21, 2011

More on the FAF

Fine Arts Festival, that is.

In my previous post, I mentioned face painting for the kids. What I should have said was face painting for the kids AND Nick. He and my mom have come every year and he has gotten his face painted every year.

The kids LOVE it. This year they asked him right away if he was going to get his face painted, and yes, of course he was.

And, he did. He was transformed into a pirate. Arrrrrr ...

The sad thing is by the end of the day he becomes transformed into a guy with black stuff all over his face, or in other years, a guy with blue and red smears on his face and shirt which lead people to believe he was the victim of a terrible crime.

See, he gets through the hot day of wiping the sweat (and face paint) all day, forgets he has paint on his face, heads home, and people along the way home don't know anything about the festivities of that day. So, when he ran in to a gas station to use the bathroom on year one, the gas station attendant asked him if he was okay. Nick didn't realize why he asked that until he got back into the car and saw his face again. ha ha! The poor guy.

Not to mention getting back to our house and our neighbors, who Nick knows better than we do, asked him what happened because they thought he was beaten up.

Oh, but he seriously knows them better than we do. We found out from Nick that they are new grandparents. We would have never known otherwise.

Anyway, back to this year. We get home. Of course our neighbors are out working in the yard on a beautiful day. Nick is reminded of his face paint, washes it off and then feels led to go explain to the neighbors why he had black stuff all over his face.

Their response ... "Oh we figured!"

We tried to explain to him that there was no need to explain. People get it at this point. But, he swears that next year he is not going to do it.

We'll see.

The kids can be pretty persuasive. I think all it will take is next year rolling around and them asking him. Next thing we know he will be racing with them to the table to beat the line like they did this year.

Good times.

Oh, I should mention that my mom came up too. I felt bad. At one point I thought, "I hope my mom is enjoying herself" because I barely saw her all day! I think she did though. People are friendly at TKA and she likes to people watch. And she did say she had a nice day so I am going to believe her.

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