Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've been so bad about blogging lately.  I just feel scatterbrained lately and I hate that feeling. 

So, here are some recent happenings or thoughts ...

Did I mention that I heard back from the supervisor at the job that I declined?  I did.  She said she was disappointed and would look into things for me.  I haven't heard anything since though.

Elijah is stuffy and coughing.  I am praying we can keep it at bay like the last time and prevent it from turning into an antibiotic deal.  So far it is not looking promising, but we were able to do it last time.

Samson now goes to the basement to potty and eat.  This is HUGE.  I was beginning to worry.  He is still meowing outside our door at night though.  Grrr ... that is really annoying, but a closed door and fan help.

I hate that I won't be seeing Breaking Dawn at midnight this year.  Super bummed, but the idea of me going by myself at midnight just seemed pathetic.  Although now that I think about it we stood in line behind a girl who was by herself last year.  I don't think she was 35 though.  I would go by myself during the day, but not at midnight.  My Twi-friends all have things going on where they can't make it.  One has a new baby, one moved away, and another just has life going on, not to mention the tickets are all sold out now for midnight.  Sad.  And yes, sad because I am pathetic, and sad that I definitely will not be there at midnight.  I can't help it though!  Edward reminds me sooooooo much of Dan.  I love his character.  Therefore, Dan loves the book and I love the book because there are things Edward says that are so similar to things Dan has said.  (sigh)  Love.

Our basement is swept out, sump pump is fixed, window is back in, paneling and insulation ripped out, furniture in our storage room ... it's all ready for whoever wants to come and put some dry wall up.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Okay, I think that is all for now.  I am sure by now you are thankful that I didn't make a separate blog post for all of those things aren't you? 

Now back to my scatterbrained mind ...

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