Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Kids

I could just squeeze my kids lately for how stinkin' cute and funny they have been.

Tonight they are in bed together and I heard Elijah say, "The most important person to believe in is God, the one true God.  Don't believe in false gods."

That kid takes everything to heart.  He shows me just how impressionable kids can be.  I am so grateful he is being taught truth in school because it is sticking.

Madelyn has been gathering her belongings today for out Thanksgiving trip.  She wants to pack Polar, her nighttime bear (I dare you to guess what kind of bear he is ;), but she needs to sleep with him tonight.  In discussing how she was going to handle this Elijah asked her if she was going to sleep with him.  She said yes, and he replied, "Good, because I was worried for you."

I was running errands this morning for some much needed groceries.  When I came home the kids were making sandwiches with the little bread that we did have.  Madelyn said she was making a sandwich for papa as well.  He was busy fixing our upstairs toilet.  I had to run one more errand to pick up meds for the kids and as I was walking to my car I hear Madelyn yell out to me "do you want a sandwich too?"  So sweet.

Seriously.  My kids have just been so sweet to each other my heart has been melting on a regular basis.  This has been an off week because of the holiday, the kids are sick, etc. so they have been home more often than not.  But, they have been so happy playing games together, creating stories and songs together, helping each other with little projects.  They even want to sleep together at night. 

 I never understood how a brother and sister could be best friends, but I am beginning to see it.  They truly enjoy each others company.  I hope they keep this bond forever. 

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