Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I feel icky so my family is eating dinner while I sit in the living room.  Blech.  I don't even want to be around food right now which is unfortunate because I really like taco salad normally.

My friend Anna from way back during college days came to visit yesterday with her son who is Elijah's age.  So fun to reconnect, and her boy is so sweet.  We had a really nice time.

I turned down the job offer the other day.  It didn't pay very much for how hard I would be working.  HR wasn't willing to budge on it and I knew that they were offering the lowest they can pay for this position.  I thought it was kind of ridiculous that they couldn't even bring the amount up $.30 to make an even dollar amount, but whatever. 

So, I e-mailed the top supervisor I had met with and told her I was sorry we weren't able to work something out.  I even told her the exact amount I was looking for and what I would have settled for so she would know I wasn't looking for millions here.  She wrote me back and said she was disappointed as well and was going to look into it for me.  I really appreciated that because I thought she was really great when I interviewed with her.  Even if things don't work out I don't feel badly about how things were handled.  I haven't heard great things about this hospital as far as working there so I knew I didn't want to settle for just any amount.  We'll see what happens.

I took a nap today.  I rarely ever go to sleep during the day, but I just am not feeling right.  I have to say I love naps, especially on days like today when I really needed one.  Soon after I laid down my chihuahua snuggled up with me and then my cat did too.  I love that.  The funny part is that Samson, the cat, will oftentimes lay down either right on Molly, or right next to her because Molly goes under the blanket so Samson doesn't even realize she's there.  It cracks me up.

Speaking of Samson, the poor cat has been losing it.  He has not wanted to go in the basement because it is completely gutted, and he is still meowing at night when we go to bed.  I feel bad for him and I think he needs a valium.  I'm only half kidding.

He's getting there though.  I realized today he did go in the basement to use the litter box.  I put his food down there too so that once he got hungry enough he would go down there.  I think it worked.  Poor kitty.

I think there was more I was going to write, but now I don't remember.  It has been fun sitting back and listening to my family's conversation while I have been typing this.  Apparently Madelyn played football with the boys today, but not the whole game.  And Elijah is discussing the fact that we die because of sin.  That kid has such a fun mind.  He is so inquisitive.

I think Madelyn has picked up the fact that I am generally struggling today.  She keeps giving me hugs.  I don't mind though.  That girl seems to be growing up like crazy lately. 

This is one of those days where I am looking forward to going to bed and starting out fresh tomorrow.  Blech.

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