Friday, November 4, 2011


I went on a field trip today.  The teacher asked me for my cell phone number so I wrote it down only to realize on the way to the mountain we visited I did not have my cell phone.  I rarely use it so I had NO idea where it might be.  It is always in my purse, usually dead because I never use it.

I didn't think I would need it today.  We were a small group.  I knew where we were going and I also knew if I needed a phone probably one or more of the other 3 adults there had a phone.

Well, Dan comes home from work after picking up Elijah from a friends house and declares we are going out to eat since he is starving and I obviously did not have dinner cooking or ready.  So, I grabbed my winter coat because it is cold outside.  I didn't have it on the mountain and wished I did because it was windy on the mountain as well as cold.

Don't you know I reach in my pocked at there is my cell phone (I stuck it in there on Halloween night) with 5 MISSED CALLS!!  What?!

I NEVER have that many calls.  I had 2 vmail messages too so I listened only to find out that one of them was the HR lady from the hospital I applied to. 

She left the message on Wednesday.  Two days ago Wednesday.  Oops.

Okay, but I know she did not call my house so I am putting the blame on her since if she really wanted to get in touch with me she would have tried both numbers.

Anyway, now I am back to wondering what she wanted, what she would say, what will I say back ...

The nice thing is that I know what I need to make now.  I still don't have pressure from anyone, but myself concerning making some money, and I am reminding myself of why I was so interested in this position to begin with.

So, I am kind of excited to hear what the lady has to say on Monday.  I am also glad this is all happening at the end of this week that was full of anxiety/panic nonsense.  By the time I got the message I had already felt myself relaxing from all the tension I had been feeling all week so I was better prepared to hear it. 

I love God's timing.

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