Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I took Simon to be put to sleep last night.  I'll post a separate blog about that soon, but it was very sad.  It was time, but it was still sad.  Having gone through this now though I feel like I will be more prepared for the next time.  He was a good kitty.  He never caused any problems except for maybe drinking out of my water glass, or tipping a glass of water from time to time.  He did love water.  He would come running in whenever I turned the shower on.  He was a pretty cat too.  I have pics to post, etc.

I had Bible Study this morning which was good.  It got me going.  Otherwise I think I would have gone back to bed after sending the kids off to school with Dan.  Usually I drive them, but it is helpful on study days to get things in order before having company.  I gave my ladies fair warning about what was I did last night so if I cried through study they would understand.

Actually it was funny because they got here around 9 and just as I was telling them I ordered the starter kit for thirty-one the fedex guy dropped it off at my door.  We did an impromptu party.  It was fun.  They thought I coordinated it all on purpose.  Maybe I did.  Maybe I didn't.  They will never know ;) 

After about 30 minutes of oooohhhhhing and ahhhhhiiiinng over the items we discussed the last chapter of Zechariah.  Whew!  Love you Zech, but I am ready to move on.  All that prophetic talk makes my head spin.  Next we'll study Malachi, take a break, and then jump into a New Testament book in January.

So, here I sit on the couch.  I should be in my basement clearing off the bar area and getting the books out of the way so that Dan can get down there tonight and cut off the bottom of the paneling, but I am finding it hard to move.  I probably should have just taken a nap, but I feel weird sleeping during the day.  This evening is going to be busy so I figure I may as well take it easy now. 

The kids will be off the bus soon and then everything picks up.  Things get busy.  I like it though.  They are happy cute kids.  I like them.

How was this for a nice stream of consciousness? 


Kim said...

How are you doing now? Sorry to hear about Simon. :( That day is coming for us too - not quite yet but B. is getting thinner it seems to me. Never had to handle that before.

So grateful for grace God gives us each day - both to do and to will.

Love to you all. KE

kate said...

hi kim! thanks for checking in :) i am doing okay. i have my moments. samson is definitely showing signs of missing simon. he is just doing weird things now like waking me up in the early morning hours by pawing at my face, etc.
just be aware that some vets are horrible about that end decision, as if it's not hard enough to make that decision. they either have to approve it, or question you incessantly about whether or not you are making the right decision. it really is true what they say though that you just know when it is time even though it is still awful.
i hope you guys are well! and so true about God's grace. oy. i shudder to think where i would be without it.