Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I always have had very vivid crazy dreams that I can usually remember.

Last night was no different. I also fell asleep extremely early so it allowed for some extra dream footage.

I played a game of cards with Jack Nicholson, and one of the waitresses at the bar (I don't even hang out at bars) told me she would pay me $50 to introduce her to him (as if he and I were buddies). But, I did and she gave me $50.

I also hung out with Sarah Palin and her family at the house they were staying in. They were all very busy with campaign activities so I didn't get to know any of them particularly well, but it was fun to observe.

I dreamed that Obama won the election, but it seems he was celebrating a bit early because the day wasn't over yet and there were people set up all over the city doing election coverage.

This is the kicker. A Larry King type guy was set up on a street corner doing his tv show. The tv monitor he had was full of apples. I tried to sneak over and get one out to eat it. He yelled at me so I said I would just go home and eat one of the ones I picked the other day.

Now, I haven't gone apple picking, but apparantly this is something that's been on my mind because at Sarah Palin's house I was struck by the fact that they had a fresh bushel of apples that they had picked. I wondered how they were able to fit that in being they have been campaigning so much lately.

Anyway, later in my dream I walked back by Larry King's show and I thought it would be funny to try to toss my apple core into where the monitor was filled with apples. I totally missed, twice, but since he had received such a hard time from people who witnessed him get mad at me he just chuckled at the fact I was back throwing apple cores at him. Pretty funny.

Crazy, but I love dreams. Sometimes they are creepy. Most of the time for me they are funny.

A few weeks ago I dreamed that my neighbor was pregnant and then Sunday she came over and said she was pregnant! So fun!!

Yes, dreams are fun.

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