Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love that our country just had such a huge day in our history. I love the fact that we have our first black president. I love that so many people were inspired to vote. I loved hearing about the 109 year old woman born in 1899 who never thought "colored people" would see this day.

I just wish his beliefs were a little (okay a lot) more in line with what I believe. I also wish I was able to vote in this election.

Elijah on the other hand will always be able to say that he voted in one of the most historic elections of our time. That's right. He pushed the vote button before I was even able to finish voting. Thankfully, I had already pushed the button for who I wanted for president. I was just going to push the button for Attorney General when I heard a long beep. I was done voting. (sigh) Why do they put the "vote" button right at eye level for little children?

That's my boy!


Kim said...

Classic! Sean just kept everyone in line entertained and laughing (at me) and saying things like, "He sure is busy!" and "Boys sure are a handful!" Ha ha ha. And then he tore my "I voted!" sticker to bits. Stinker.

The Topiary Lady said...

He is TOO cute. Can't wait till he's in my C.E. class!

Thanks for stopping by the other night!