Monday, November 24, 2008

I knew I had another one ...

Last night I dreamed that my neighbor (her name is Kate too) got a bear as a pet and wanted to keep it. The problem was we were on the road with a ... wait for it ... a traveling softball team. That's right. We were semi-pro or something ... not really. I don't know where the softball thing came from.

Anyway, she had it in a cage and was trying to hide it from people, but we had to feed it quite regularly to keep it quiet. It wasn't working out so well because we were supposed to be with the team, but were sneaking off to grocery stores to find food and things for the bear.

We got caught a few times. The one time police were involved. That was scary, and I started to think to myself, "Why am I helping her hide this animal when I don't want a bear. I don't think she should have a bear (because it's only going to get big and eat her!), and it's just not really conducive to our situation of traveling with this team, not to mention her husband was with us. It's husbands' jobs to do crazy things like that for their wives!"

Soon after I started thinking that, the coach and assistant who kept busting us and reporting us decided she could keep it and we wouldn't have to keep sneaking around after all. Go figure.

I'm exhausted ...

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