Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Huggers

We had story time this morning.

When Madelyn went to story time she would sit there quietly enjoying the story. She saw no need to participate in the songs and dances they did. She would sit them out.

Elijah, well, he's different. We are usually just a minute or so late even though we live the closest, but this morning he decided to use the potty right as we should be walking out the door. Anyway, when he gets to the rug he will usually announce that he's there and then sit on the cloud with the number 3 on it. Why? Because he is 3! He announced that the first few times as well.

Then he talks his way through the rest of story time. Today was about getting sticky and taking bubble baths. When they were pretending to wash he told Miss Barb she wasn't washing she was "rubbing her tummy!"

Okay, but the best part is when a little girl named Meadow comes over and sits down next to Elijah. Remember this is while Miss Barb is reading a book to the children. Meadow sits down, looks at Elijah and says, "Hi!" Elijah smiles and says, "Hi." Reaches over, puts his arm around her, then pulls her in and kisses her on the cheek!

"HEY!" yells Meadow and then she marches right back over to where her mom is.

A minute later Meadow came back. The same thing happens. He kisses her and then she heads back over to mom.

A minute later, again. Three times before she stops going to Elijah and goes to another little girl.

It was so funny! Her mom and I were cracking up silently watching all of this play out.

He's a little hugger though. If you see Elijah, chances are he will want to hug you. That's why Jessica tries to hug him every time she sees him because as she says, "He just seems like he wants one." And, he does :o)

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Kerry said...

So funny, and so so cute! How fun is that story, I can just imagine him doing that! LOVE IT!