Monday, November 24, 2008


Ugh. The dreams I have had lately have been so vivid and frustrating and funny all at the same time. No wonder I am so tired lately.

A few examples ...

I met Tim McGraw and his wife, but I couldn't remember her name! I was their hostess for some event and even though I was trying to avoid saying her name I couldn't. She finally corrected me and told me that wasn't her name. Not only that, my dear friend Kerry LOVES Tim McGraw (and I mean LOVE). So, Tim was very cool and was fine with the fact that I was trying to call Kerry on my cell so she could talk to him (yeah because I'm a nice friend like that). So, while Tim was cool and seemed to appreciate all I was doing for them, his wife Faith (I now remember her name) wasn't so fond of me. I can't say I blame her.

I also dreamed that we lived in a duplex (a connected double house) next to friends of ours we know through the school. Thankfully her husband in my dream was not the same husband in real life. Her husband in real life is very nice. The one in my dream, not so much. He kept going in and taking my kids out of their beds after I would put them to bed! He would take them over to his yard and let them play! A little creepy and very much annoying, especially since he denied it when I confronted him. I did confront him too. I woke myself up because I was a little loud about it. I couldn't get the words out either. Do you ever have those dreams where you want to yell at someone, but you can't get your voice loud enough or get the words just right? I hate that. I woke myself up twice trying to yell at him to keep his paws off my kids. I was really creeped out, and his wife refused to believe me. It went on and on and on. I knew we were going to have to move.

This is just a sample of my dreams lately. My nights have been full of activity and not any of it productive, mostly frustrating and the kind where you wake up wondering if it really happened or if you just dreamed it. Thankfully, so far they have just been dreams.


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Kerry said...

so crazy...I could say, lets hope your dreams are prophetic and you do meet Tim and immediately call me & my life dream will be realized, but on the other hand, I don't want you living next door to a creepy guy either:( BOO...You are so funny. I hate vivid dreams sometimes, they keep me "awake" and I am not resting well at all...but hey, thanks for trying to call me to I could talk to Tim...I know you are a true friend:)