Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not So Smart ...

I totally missed a baby shower that I could have gone to that I thought I couldn't go to, but I could have. Argh.

Thanksgiving is throwing me off this year. It's usually this weekend so when I got the invite to the baby shower I thought we would be away. I still planned to RSVP and send a gift with someone else I knew who was going though.

Well, the invite was a handmade one, really cute, and apparently Elijah loved it too because I found him carrying it around a few times. Well, out of sight, out of mind, until I was cleaning Madelyn's room on Friday. What do I find? The invite. I thought, "Oh, I missed the RSVP date, but I'll still try to get a gift for the shower."

Well, yesterday I saw that Stephanie (who the shower was for) posted on FB that she had a great time at the shower, etc. WHAT??? I could not believe it. Did I have plans yesterday? No. Could I have made it to the shower? Yes. All I did was grocery shop yesterday! Ugh. Stephanie doesn't live nearby so it's not the kind of thing where I can just drop in and say hi with a gift sometime.

Such a bummer. But, you know who was happy? Dan. Why? Because he read my blog the other night. So, what does he say, "I guess I'm not the only forgetful one in the house now am I?"


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