Thursday, November 20, 2008


Elijah is very much into locking doors now. So, I'll go upstairs to see what he is doing and he'll be in his room with the door locked. Thankfully, when we moved in we replaced all of the door knobs and so we have keys to unlock the doors. It is very annoying though.

So, lately when I take Daisy out or run to get the mail I have been making sure to unlock the main door just in case Elijah decides to close it behind me. This has caused me to have this flashback ...

When Madelyn was around a year old she locked me out of the house. I had gone out back with Liezl, our miniature schnauzer we had at the time. I heard the main door close behind me and got that sinking feeling in my stomach because I realized my little child was now closed inside of my house. I had no way of getting to her.

Our house in MD was a ranch so our windows were close to the ground. I was always very careful to keep them locked. So, now that I was locked out I was regretting being so on top of things. None of our neighbors had a key, and the best part is I was in my pjs. The pjs I had on were not warm fuzzy full coverage pjs. No. They were the little shorts, clingy shirt type pjs because it was warm out (thankfully!). And, you guessed it, no bra. So, the idea of going to a neighbors house in that attire was not appealing, especially the family next door who homeschooled and had young boys.

What was I to do? I remembered for some reason that the front living room window might be unlocked. We had a bench on our back deck so I carried that to the front of the house, set it under our living room window, and praise the good Lord above that it was unlocked. It was a little tricky climbing in, what with the fact that I am vertically challenged and was wearing the short pj shorts, but I did it.

Madelyn, in the meantime, had just continued playing on the floor like she had been and just sort of looked at me curiously as I awkwardly fell through the font window onto our couch. I knew under that front window was the best place for the couch.

How could this sweet little face do such a thing to her mama?

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