Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Elijah was so brave!"

One evening the kids were playing upstairs while Dan and I were actually able to have a decent conversation at the kitchen table.

Madelyn comes running downstairs exclaiming, "Mommy, Papa, Elijah was so brave! He got a stink bug out of my room and flushed it all by himself!" Yay! We are so proud of our brave boy who then ends up running into the room buck naked exclaiming, "I got the stink bug all by myself!" .... Ummm ... "Elijah you are naked." "I WENT POTTY!!!"

Yes. You gotta love potty-training. Elijah will go potty downstairs. We clean him up and send him upstairs for a pullup. Usually about a half hour later he will come back downstairs still wearing just his shirt. He gets sidetracked quite easily by books, toys, the sunshine, you name it. It doesn't take much.

So, who knows how long he had been playing fully naked. Why this doesn't bother Madelyn will continue to amaze me. It's like it's just no big deal.

Even after all this they run along and continue playing. Still, Elijah has no clothes on.

I love my kids.


Kerry said...

that is really funny;)

Hannah a.k.a.Topiary Lady said...

Sounds like Lance when he was training! He still would rather run around like a native!!
It may actually be better to be naked when potty training, they notice it when they are wearing a diaper to catch it. Lucas potty trained himself while on vacation at the beach! He knew he didn't have a diaper on... Whatever works right?
Missed you on Sunday...