Monday, October 6, 2008

Every Day ...

Every day now I drive Madelyn to school, except for the weekends of course, but every week day I take the same route to her school, two times a day.

So, this morning we head out onto that route.

Well, there's a house for sale on Main St. here in Leesport so naturally I start thinking ...

"Could I live in a house like that right on a main road?"

Then as I drive around the bend I look to my right and think ...

"Oh, there may be a yard back there. Maybe I could live there. OH and it's so close to the river. Does it flood at the house then? No. The house is up the hill, but I wonder if the sewage backed up at that house after the flood two summers ago like it did for some of the other houses near the river. hmmm ... well, I would be a minute closer to the grocery store (sidenote: the grocery store is only 5 minutes away from where we live now) ... wait, where am I going?"

At that same moment I heard Madelyn say, "Uhhhhhh?"

We drove right past the turn to go to school.

Poor Madelyn. I start laughing and she says, "How 'bout you turn around?"

Thankfully we can still get to the school without turning that way. It just take a teeny bit longer because there are lights. So, instead of taking 7 minutes to get to school it may have taken 8 or 9.

Still, not a good start to the day. I usually start losing my marbles closer to late afternoon when I would be napping if I were a toddler or senior citizen.


Susan (Tubbs) Canady said...

haha! i'm glad you have madelyn to help you with where you're going. =)

kate said...

If only she had been with me on the way to the airport :P