Saturday, October 25, 2008

Madelyn's Surprise

Madelyn doesn't know it, but tomorrow we are meeting her best friend from MD in Lancaster at the Hands-on Museum for kids. All she knows is that we are going to Lancaster.

She asked me what was in Lancaster and I told her people and buildings :) She kept asking so I told her there were trees and animals, pumpkins and leaves. She got excited when I said pumpkins. We already went to the pumpkin patch though.

She is so excited she could hardly go to sleep which isn't too unusual for her. She's not much of a sleeper on most days, but tonight she was banging on her mini-hat box we use for her hair bands like it was a drum. It really belongs in the bathroom. When I went in to tell her to quiet down she had two headbands around her neck like necklaces and one in her hand that she said she was going to wear tomorrow. She never wears headbands.

I love surprises. She and Abby were best buds from the age of 1 before kids even really play together. They were different. People at church would even comment about them in the nursery. We miss our MD friends terribly so we cherish our get togethers like the one we'll have tomorrow. Plus, I'll get a day with just my girl, and Dan will have a day with just his boy. Yay!

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