Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fury (Okay Not Really)

I do not like going to the doctor. As a matter of fact this past year I would have major anxiety over having to go to the doctor for an appointment for myself.

Now that may have some kind of psychological connection because of all we have gone through with Dan and basically living at doctor's offices over the past year. Who knows? All I know is I don't like going.

So, today I had an appt with a doctor about an issue I have literally been putting off for years at this point. It's not the kind of doctor that you would rush in to see (obviously since I've been putting it off for years), but I was finally ready to bite the bullet and just do what I needed to do.

And, this morning I was actually feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I wasn't extremely nervous. I wasn't dry heaving. I didn't have to take anything to calm my nerves. I was actually pretty relaxed. So, I drop Elijah off at a friend's house. He was thrilled to be going to a friend's house. That was easy. I didn't eat anything so that takes away the whole "I think I am going to throw up feeling." I know. I have issues.

I'm heading to the doctor's office when I think to myself, "Did I ever get a referral?" (Gasp!) Oh no. I never called to get a referrel!! ARGH. Are you kidding me???? I could punch myself.

I get to the office and before I go in I call my PC Doc and of course the usual secretary is not in. She is WONDERFUL when it comes to the referrals. She has always come through for us when we've been in a pinch. So, instead I ask the girl who answers if she can check my file to see if it's there or not. She comes back on and with a very relaxed manner informs me there is nothing in my file.

I ask her if she can send one and she says no because they are closing at noon today. It's only 11 am. Still very relaxed she tells me that I'll probably just have to reschedule my appt. Forget the fact I've already waited 2 months for this appt!

I say thank you and hang up. I know. I don't know why I always say thank you no matter what. I mean she didn't help me one bit. She didn't even give me any alternatives as to how we could maybe work this out. Yet I said thank you even though I was so mad I wanted to cry. I mean she just did not want to help me! It was just odd.

(Side note: I think the whole thank you thing is because it was INGRAINED in me as a child to ALWAYS use my manners. I mean to the point we couldn't have used them enough. Therefore I thank people even when they have done absolutely nothing for me ... and to be honest I am now that way with my children. I am always telling them to use their manners and to use them again and again and again ;)

Okay, so I walk into the office surprised at myself that I am actually upset I may not be able to have a certain region of my body (that I, and I'm pretty sure you, don't typically want examined) examined today. I explain to the check-in woman what happened to which she says, "It's only 11:10." She was so wonderful and sympathetic. She then makes a call to someone else in the office and asks them to call for a referral.

In the end they work it out. No. They didn't get an actual referral, but I can call the PC office tomorrow and have it all taken care of.

Also, my doctor was so great! She is beautiful. She looks like a model, is pregnant due in Feb and is gorgeous. She was just so comforting, and we bonded by discussing children, childbirth, boys and girls, etc.

All in all, a good day. I feel as though I am becoming stronger again after being knocked off my feet for a while emotionally, and it feels good.

UPDATE: I called my PC office today and they told me they took care of the referral yesterday :) That was good news.

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