Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Trip to Georgia

I had a long weekend planned. I was going to GA to visit my sisters-in-law Pam, and Susan, a total girl's weekend. I dropped the kids off with Dan Friday afternoon, got directions, and headed to the airport. Little did I know this was only the beginning of a what would be a LONG night ...

I misread the directions and missed my exit. No big deal right? I call Dan and he tells me to stay on the turnpike until I reach 95 south. Easy.

Well, then I see a sign for Rt 1 that also says "to 95" so I think, "Well, this is closer and will take me to 95 too." So, I take the exit. Lots of red lights, lots of traffic, but lo and behold I see a sign that reads "Next Left N. E. Philadelphia Airport." Hallelujah! I'm on the right track!

Wrong. It's some rinky dink airport that does not have my Delta flight leaving at 6 pm :(

I call Dan again. After getting over the fact that I didn't follow his directions, he tells me I am on the right track. I will be on 95 south soon, but will be north of the city so I am definitely going to miss my flight.

Sitting in traffic, trying to call Delta, but not getting through, I call my mom. She tried to find out if there was another flight going out that night. She couldn't really give me much info, but I told her she might be seeing me that night because she lives closer to the airport than I do and I know how to get to her house from the airport!

I finally arrive, park, wait for the shuttle. It doesn't come. I then see that there is a phone in the booth where I can call Delta and find out if it's even worth going into the airport. I get in touch with a representative and the shuttle comes. Argh.

Fifty dollars later I am on a new flight. I head to the airport, but not before the man waiting for the shuttle with me makes a comment about me being 18. Aw. That was nice being that I turn 32 this week.

Okay, I reach my gate. I call Dan to let him know what I am doing. I hear they are boarding so I hang up with Dan, run to get a drink, and hit the bathroom, when I hear them call my name!! AHHHH! I run from the bathroom to the gate. They send me through the gateway. Next thing I know I am outside, and I see no plane! "What?? The plane left me!" I peak over the edge and a man waves me down the stairs. At this point I am wondering where they are going to take me. Turns out the plane was on the other side. It was a smaller commuter plane where you have to walk up the steps.

So, after nearly missing my second flight I call Dan again. He then tells me not to step foot off of the plane now that I am on it.

It gets better.

I arrive in Atlanta a half hour early at 9:30 pm. I check my messages to find out that Susan is picking me up instead of Pam so I call Susan. Turns out she isn't going to be driving through Atlanta until 11 or 11:30. She forgot there was a time change from TN (where she was coming from) to GA. Just what I want, more time at an airport.

It's okay though because I didn't pick up my suitcase outside of the plane like I was supposed to. I make my way all the way down to baggage claim only to realize I made a big mistake.

Atlanta's airport is huge. There was no way I was making my way back to the gate at that point. So, I start the search for where my bag will end up. 45 minutes later I find it. I still have about an hour to wait for Susan so I start to look for a place to eat and plug in my cell phone which is about to die.

Things are looking up. I have food in my belly. My cell has juice again, and Susan arrives soon after.

We're driving along, catching up, and oh we have to pull over to get the directions out of the back. Okay, we are driving along, catching up, and oh we are getting pulled over by a police officer.

"Susan, were you speeding??"

"No. I just saw the speed limit sign said 70. I wasn't speeding."

"Do you have a tail light out?"

"No. We just got it fixed!"

"Are you sure you weren't speeding?"

The officer comes to my side shining his flashlight in our faces. My window doesn't roll down so I open the door. He asks us where we are headed. Susan says, "Georgia." We are in GA. So, I say, "We are seeing family in Fortson" just as Susan says, "Oh, we are in GA."

The officer then says, "Are you aware you have a headlight out?"


"You just haven't had time to fix it?"

"No. Next paycheck."

"Oh, I understand that." Pauses. "Okay ladies. Keep it safe." (Or something typical for an officer to say when he's letting you off the hook for breaking the law - yes Susan you were breaking the law ;)

Whew! That was close, but really. I had the directions on my lap, my "Marley & Me" book I was reading in plain view. How much trouble can two girls be getting into when we are headed to GA while being in GA, and reading puppy dog books?

At this point I'm thinking we should just stay in for the weekend and order delivery foods because I am afraid of what might happen next.

We go on to have a great weekend together with only a few "oopsies" with Vern's truck, some ants trying to take over Susan's car, and a bout of diarrhea to take home with me.

All in all good times and great memories. I have been blessed with great families on both sides.

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