Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 AM Wake Up Call From Elijah

He was having trouble with the letter R.

That's right. At 4 AM he was practicing drawing his letters on his magna-doodle, and he always gets stuck on the letter R.

So, he comes into our room dragging the magna-doodle, climbs onto our bed, and says, "Mommy, I need help with the letter R."

I look at the clock and cannot believe it is 4 AM. The light is on in the living room and obviously Elijah has been up long enough to practice each letter leading up to the letter R. And, he erases each letter before moving on to the next one.

I then inform him that it is way too early for me to help him with his letter. His response, "Okay." He walks back out to the living room to continue on his own.

I don't know what happened between then and 6 AM when he crawled into our bed and went back to sleep.

I now wonder what else has gone on in the middle of the night that I don't even know about. Elijah is known now for waking up and helping himself to his soy yogurt. He will eat as many as his little heart desires if we don't wake up in time to limit him.

In some ways this is nice. You know, a little independance is okay. In other ways this is a little scary.

Who doesn't love a peaceful boy reading a book though?

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