Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few Christmas 2008 Tidbits ...

Madely drew a picture for Santa. It was Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus is a manger, very sweet.

After Santa left us with gifts to open, Elijah said, "I am going to wrap up this gift and see what's inside." I told you he gets his words a little mixed up. He said it again this morning when he saw there were gifts under the tree. I stayed up really late wrapping, but not as late as Dan who was playing a computer game ...

Anyway, Madelyn also made up one line to a song last night. It goes ... "Baby Jesus you are the one ..." She kept singing it over and over to the point Dan and I had it in our heads. It sounded very much like a pop song. Should I be worried?

Elijah was so tired last night and when he gets really tired he gets really crabby and fussy when going to bed. So, to try to calm him down I told him a story. I told him the story of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. Well, when I got to the part about them having a baby boy and naming him Jesus he said, "No no no no. They named her Judah." I assured him the baby was a boy and they named him Jesus, and quickly moved on to the part about the star so that we didn't keep debating Jesus' name and gender.

Madelyn was thrilled to finally get a Webkinz. She opened it, checked the foot for a W and immediately hugged Mom-mom in her quiet little excited way.

Elijah received what he is now calling a "man castle." He got a pirate ship and a castle with little knights. When my mom asked him if it was a princess castle he replied no, and that it was a man castle.

Christmas day Beatrice came over for dinner and played games with us, and beat us! Aubrey stopped by too and we made her play games with us too. She's a good sport, and she brought us a pumpkin roll. Yummy.

My mom loved her album that I put together digitally. That's totally my kind of scrapbooking. Dan's parents loved theirs too.

The only part that seemed off about Christmas is not having Shannon and Todd here ... (sigh) ... very sad.

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