Monday, December 1, 2008

Why ...

did I dream this?

I went to dinner at a friend from high school's house. When we sat down to eat they passed around matching pairs of red shorts that we were all to put on to encourage unity (or something I never quite figured it out). But, two of us realized that the sizes were a bit off. So, they decided it was okay to stick with what we had on already. Thank goodness!

Odd isn't it? They seemed to have a lot of money and it made me wonder if that was a new thing that was done among the wealthy. The funny thing is that the shorts were wrinkled like they had just been in a bag or something just waiting for the next dinner party.


1 comment:

The Topiary Lady said...

oh, hahahaha, I was reading too fast and missed the "did I dream this part"

Gee Kate, I was wondering....