Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ugh, Mornings Like This

Woke up late. Scrambling to get the kids out the door. Daisy was anxious to go out so I just let her come with us.

Well, at the school she decided she would jump out of the car and roam around the parking lot, etc. Finally, she decided to poop right next to the walkway up to the school so I was able to get her collar so that when she was done I could walk her back to the car.

Thankfully we were a few minutes late to school so there wasn't the normal bus and car traffic there usually is.

Won't Dan be thrilled when he finds out our dog pooped on his school's front lawn. I did have a plastic bag in the car that I was able to use to clean it up? OH! EW! I just realized I still have a bag of poo in my car! ... Gotta go ...

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