Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Santa came to our house last night. He's really our neighbor Carl. Carl is the neighborhood grandfather. He and his wife Elaine are just wonderful neighbors. They are the ones who you look out your window and you see them snowblowing your driveway. They give out the best treats on Halloween. They are just those neighbors, the ones who make your neighborhood just that much more enjoyable.

Carl totally fits the mold of Santa. I mean his suit is perfect. His personality is perfect. I really think he might be St. Nick reincarnated.

So, he dresses as Santa at Christmas time and visits the children around our block. And, brings them gifts! As much as we love Carl and Elaine, we don't really know them that well so the fact that they give our kids gifts is just so kind of them. Now, my neighbor Kate who I am friends with lives next door to them. They are super close and I am sure Elaine checked in with Kate on ideas for the kids because how else would she have known that a Christmas Morning Barbie is PERFECT for Madelyn? And, not only that, they spelled Madelyn's name correctly. Either way, it was very nice of them to go through the trouble.

So, Santa came. Madelyn, who knows this is all just pretend, told him she wanted a Webkinz bunny (she's getting a horse, but that's okay) and Elijah told him he wanted a snowman (of course).

Santa was asking the kids if they had been good this year, and then he turns to Madelyn and says, "Have you been keeping your room clean for Mom and Dad?" Oh my. If he even knew! We just laughed because that is the last thing Madelyn does. So funny. She is a great helper in so many other ways, but her room is the last thing she keeps clean.

So, it was great fun, and we were able to send Santa away with a tin of cookies (not homeade of course, but still yummy) for him and Mrs. Claus.

How great to have Santa come to your house, and not have to go wait in line (not that we would do that anyway, but still) to see some strange Santa. I love our neighborhood.

Did I write on here that when I asked Elijah what his favorite animal is he said a skunk? I said, "No, it isn't!" He assured me it was so he is getting a skunk webkinz. Of course when I went to pick out the webkinz they had just one or two of the other animals, but the skunks were a stack of 5! Now 4 because we took one home. I just love my kids ...

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