Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Elijah ...

I think I could write a story about him every day on here. I feel bad though because it makes me feel like I am neglecting Madelyn. Elijah just comes up with these one-liners though that kill us with laughter, including Madelyn, so I think she'll understand.

I made hot chocolate for us the other night and Elijah being the picky picky picky eater that he is pushes it away and says, "I don't like that hot chocolate. It hurt my feelings."

When Dan was having pictures taken of the inside of his eye Elijah wanted the woman to take a picture of the inside of his belly so he could see all the food broken up in it. He actually wanted to put his belly on the chin rest thinking she could then take the picture. He was pretty sad when we were leaving and we couldn't have her do it.

An older lady at the doc's office gave him a tootsie roll and after he ate it I asked him if it was good and he said, "Yeah. Now I don't feel sick anymore." Um, what?

We had this conversation in Target the other day ...

"Elijah, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?"

"Um, because we decorate for Christmas?" No.

"Because we make snow?" No.

I said, "Because it's Jesus' Birthday!" Then I went on to explain the whole gift giving thing, etc.

Later that night I said, "Elijah, do you remember why we celebrate Christmas?"

"Um, because we decorate for Christmas?" No. I said, "Whose Birthday do we celebrate?"

Madelyn tried to help by sounding out the J for him so he said, "J-j-j-Josh??"

He has an Uncle Josh and a friend Josh. No, neither of those. I reminded him it was Jesus.

"Oh, Jesus!"

I am happy to report though that the next day he was able to remember that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' Birthday. Whew! It only took a full day and a half.

Madelyn, on the other hand, is a sponge. When you give her information she soaks it all in and if she's not sure about it she will ask you to confirm whether it is correct or not. She is my little intellectual. I love it. She is a reader and will have a strong mind of her own. That's a good thing for warding off those pesky adolescent boys when the time comes.

Okay now, remind me that I said she has a strong mind of her own when she is a teenager and thinks she knows everything. Thanks.

Oh, but how can you resist that sweet face?!

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