Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crack for Dogs

I bought this new dog food for my dogs because I had a coupon.  I usually buy the Purina Beneful, but this kind is Purina Smart Blend.

For those of you who know my dogs you know they are nervous nellies.  They aren't like most dogs who scarf down food.  I don't have to feed them separately because the food usually sits there.  Or, Daisy will let Molly (the teeny dog) eat and then she will finish what's left.  Have I mentioned lately how sweet and gentle Daisy is?  She truly is the best.

Anyway, I bought this new food and I have never seen my dogs eat like this before.  They are addicts!  Molly will even almost eat all of what I put in there.  I've even seen the cats nibbling at it.  I've had to shew them away so Daisy could eat!

I knew the "blend" part of the food made all the difference.  I didn't know what it was, but it looks like old meat or something.  Blech.  Dog food is so gross and smells gross too so I just didn't pay much attention.  I try to not get any closer to it than absolutely necessary.

Curiosity got the best of me though.  I just checked the bag and no wonder they love it.  The "blend" is real bits of lamb!  Ugh.  I don't eat lamb, or veal, or any other baby animals.  I am just not comfortable with the idea.  I believe "don't eat babies" is a good rule to live by.  I didn't realize I was allowing my dogs to eat babies!!  ACK!

While I am happy my dogs are so happy and chubby from their yummy food I don't think I can afford to support their addiction to baby animal dog food, nor do I want to be an enabler.



Kim said...

Mmmmm...lambies. The kids think I'm a horrible person b/c I have also eaten rabbit and enjoyed it. I tell them often just to hear the screams! Ha!

kate said...

ha ha! that is terrible!!