Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Downer Here

Ugh.  Life.  That's pretty much how I have been feeling lately.  Life has been beating me up.  It can be exhausting trying to stay afloat when you feel like you might be drowning.

I hate being a downer though so let's focus on some positive happenings and thoughts ...

Madelyn and I went on a bike ride together for the first time on Saturday.  Man is she cute riding her bike.  I love it.  We went around our neighborhood.  Saturday was a beautiful day, perfect for bike riding.

Madelyn got tired so she went home.  I did another trip around our neighborhood.  I passed a house for sale that has a Coors sign in their front window.  This is just my opinion, but if you are trying to sell your house I think you should probably take that sign out of your front window.

We got together with good friends later in the day and that was fun too.  Good friends are so necessary for the soul.  It was nice to forget about troubles for an evening.

A guy they know stopped by while we were there and he was an interesting fellow, one of those people who is super intelligent while borderline weird.  He definitely gave us plenty to chat about once he left.  He said something to both me and Dan separately that kind of took us aback for a second.

During a conversation he says to me, "You are the youngest aren't you?"  Um.  What?  He then says, "Are you the baby of your family?"  He told me he could tell I was by my confidence level or something to that effect.  It took me aback because I had barely talked directly to him, but it was just through observing he had me pegged.  I am telling you.  He is a crazy dude.  Nice guy, just a little crazy.

Madelyn wanted to spend the night with her friend, but only if Elijah did too so we packed up all their things.  We got their beds all made up in the living room just before we were getting ready to leave.  Elijah fell asleep instantly on the couch.  I hugged Madelyn and told her goodnight before I went back out on the patio with our friends.  Next thing she is coming outside crying.  She didn't want to stay after all.

The sad/funny part was Elijah made it clear he did NOT want to go home with us, even if he fell asleep before we left.  But, since Madelyn didn't want to stay we figured we may as well take him home too.  He told me tonight that he woke up and cried when he realized he was in his own bed.  Poor guy.  He was happy to then find Isabelle here.

Isabelle decided she wanted to come to our house and spend the night since Madelyn wasn't going to stay there.  She got her stuff all packed up and as we were walking out the door she ends up crying.  We thought she wanted to stay then, but she got it together and came with us.  Sweet girl.  They have been having a blast.  They have gotten NO sleep, but are loving life. 

We just got back from dropping Isabelle off with her parents.  Sad.  I hate saying good-bye.  They live 2 hours away now, but come back to their house here every now and then.  They plan to sell it, but haven't yet.  So, I am thankful we are still able to have these times with them on occasion.

The kids were so sad to say good-bye to Isabelle and kept trying to come up with ideas they could do to get more time with her.  They wanted to go to Cabela's, walk the aisles of Lowes, anything!  We ended up chatting in the Lowes parking lot for a while so they played in the empty cart holder and raced through the parking lot.  So, it worked out well.  We all got some more time with our friends.

Ahhhh.  Friends.  So good for the soul.

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