Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Ken Doll

I went to see Dr. Ken Doll.  You know, my doctor who looks like a Ken Doll.

I've been needing to go since the summer and kept saying that I will get there once the kids start school again so I didn't have to drag them with me.  Well, read the past few weeks of blog posts and it should be pretty clear why I haven't made it there until now.

I also don't like going to see doctors though either so I put it off for a very very very long time.  There have been times I have even waited until the weekend and go to an urgent care place because they don't know me there.  Weird huh?

Back to Dr. Ken though.  He is a young guy, probably Dan's age, so when I go there I feel like I am going to a friend's husband which is weird because I wouldn't typically talk to my friend's husband about any personal issues I am having, especially not in a room with the door closed, just the two of us.

But, Dr. Ken is great.  He has this super calming demeanor about him.  Today he sat across from me on his stool, I was on the chair, and leans sideways onto the table and we're just chatting.  He talks kind of quiet and totally like "yeah, you know, it's going to be fine.  we'll do this and that for this long and go from there.  no biggie.  let me know if you have problems."

Okay, that's not at all what he said, but that is exactly how he comes across so I left feeling like "Yeah, it's totally fine.  I don't know why I tortured myself by waiting so long to get this done." 

And he knows Dan so he's like "tell dan hi" and I'm like "enjoy your newest baby"  blah blah blah ...

So, if I ever talk to any of you friends about putting off going to the doctor, remind me of this post and why it really is not a big deal.

Thank you.

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