Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Birthday (for realz)

Turning 35 was a fun day.  Dan worked from home so when I went out to run errands I picked up lunch so we could eat lunch together.  While we ate lunch we played Gin and Dan beat me badly.  He then left to go teach his class.

Not cool.  Not cool at all. 

You don't beat a girl at Gin on her birthday and then leave.  It was not over.

After school he brought the kids home and we went to IHOP.  Yes.  IHOP.  I knew the kids would love it and I got my Chipotle burrito for lunch so I was happy.

It was fun, and I ate a lot.  We passed on getting any kind of cake since IHOP pancakes are pretty much dessert for dinner.

We came home and played UNO as a family.  Madelyn won, but I beat Dan which is really what I pay attention to. 

The kids went to bed and IT. WAS. ON. 

Our Gin re-match I mean.  What were you thinking??  (dirty birdy)

Dan and I get so competitive when we play games again each other.  It's the best, especially when I beat him.  Badly.  He tried to say he let me win, but I knew better. 

Ahhhhhh.  I went to bed a happy girl.  Victory is sweet.

Oh, and Madelyn made me a beautiful flower arrangement all by herself.  It is very cute.  And Dan got me some fun Bath & Body Works stuff.  I had shoppe a little (a lot) lately so I told him to go easy on the gift.  I took care of myself.  He hates when I do that.  I don't understand why.

All in all, a great day.  Lots of family time which is where it's at.

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