Friday, October 14, 2011

My Reader

Madelyn's teacher had to e-mail me to confirm that Madelyn did indeed read 450 pages since last Friday.  This made me laugh.  I explained to her that Madelyn has been a reading machine lately.  She got a book from the library yesterday, came home and read it all that evening.  It was a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

On weekends we let her read as long as she wants when she goes to bed and last weekend I found her at 11 pm sleepy eyed, but still hanging on to every word.  So funny.  I told her to go to sleep at that point.

For homework every night she has to read for 15 minutes.  Most evenings she ends up reading for at least 30.  But, I learned she gets crabby if she doesn't have a good chapter book to read.  The teacher doesn't specify what kind of book they have to read so I was telling Madelyn to just grab a book off her shelf and read for 15 minutes.

She was not happy, but she did it.  That night we made a run to the library to get her some good chapter books.  We came home she plops down with one of the books and declares that THAT was going to be her official 15 minutes.

Okay then.

So, I have learned that all the girl needs is a good book and she is happy.  Easy enough.

So yes, 450 pages in one week.  Amazing.

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