Monday, October 3, 2011

Flood Pictures

 My retro chairs I had my eye on at the library until one day I found them at the curb.  Snagged 'em, and now they are gone ... (sniffle)
 Notice the cat food ...
 Not cool T.S. Lee.  Not cool at all.

 Madelyn thought she would do some "stepping" to avoid the water ... Oh, and the cushion is gone off of this chair because Dan stepped across the furniture to turn off the electric so he was trying to not get the cushions all wet.  Meanwhile, they all ended up out in the rain.  So sad.
 The kids couldn't wait to get their feet wet ...

 So strange to see so much water ...

The box of giveaway stuff I was supposed to take to the church that weekend.  It didn't make it.

 Yay for our washer and dryer still working and us not getting shocked when we plugged them in!
 Yay for being mostly caught up on laundry (that is rare) and not having huge wet piles of clothes!

 Notice the maroon trunk on the shelf.  That has my wedding stuff that I wanted to save and other things.  SO THANKFUL it was on the shelf and wasn't harmed.
 See those cardboard boxes on the shelf that are wet on the bottom?  Dan's keepsakes.  Some of the stuff was put in a plastic grocery bag so we were able to save those items.  The rest had to go.  Boo T.S. Lee!

Luggage, gone.  More of Dan's keepsake boxes, gone.  Boo!!  Our blue air mattress survived though.  Yay!  It's a nice one.
 Good-bye extra toilet paper that I'm not sure why Dan thought it was a good idea to store you in the basement anyway.  See the cat food?  Thankfully the cat food seemed to be the biggest pollutant in the water.  The kitty litter stayed afloat.  Thank the Lord.  That would have just been so nasty so let's not think about that anymore.
 So sad ... and just so unsettling.  You don't even know where to begin.

 It is a strange, strange sight to see your living area under water ... We had already pulled the tv stand and tv, etc. upstairs when this pic was taken.  That would have been on the right side where the rug was pulled up.
That window you see is right above where the sump pump was under that bench.  The shelves in the far right had our wedding photos on the way top of it so they were saved as well.  Thank the Lord.  That would have been very sad.

So there you have it.  If our camera wasn't broken, I would take more pics now so you could see our basement all bare.  The paint on the floor is all peeled up and needs to be redone.  That bench by the back door is gone.  It hid the sump pump area, but the firemen needed to get it out so they could push water into that area.  That door needs replaced and some other things.  It will get done in due time though.  All in due time.

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