Monday, October 24, 2011

A Job?

There is so much I want to write about and so little time, but I will start with the subject I have put off the longest ... the potential job.

I actually had a fun interview.  First I met with HR where I had to do a typing test.  WHAT?!  It's been years since I took an actual test.  Thankfully, my results were 61 wpm.  Yay!  I had put on my application that I could type 60 wpm so I was hoping I wouldn't make a liar out myself.  I just knew that is what I tested years ago when I last took a typing test. 

The HR lady was very nice.  We had a nice chat and then she sent me on to the hospital where I met with a few supervisors.  Yes, a few.  It was so great.

Without going into all the details I basically heard about 3 different positions and met with the 3 different supervisors who oversee those positions, along with the supervisor who oversees all of them.  They were all super nice.  I felt bad choosing just one, but when she described the position that was a Financial Counselor to patients who have no insurance coverage I was sold.  That position definitely seemed to fit my skill set the most and I wanted a position that allowed me to interact with patients. 

Not that I didn't want to jump at the ER Registrar position after I was told the story about the man who got a few fingers chopped off after sticking his hand in his snow blower and then wanted to show off what he lost.  I also had to laugh when the supervisors shared with me how they would react when they were around someone who was vomiting.  The one would have to lie down on the floor.  So funny. 

The women I met with were all really great and super understanding of my situation with the kids, etc.  So, now I am at the part where they are discussing hours, etc. and I hope to hear something soon. 

What has really been helpful in all of this is the fact that I know a guy who works in the ER.  I told him about the position I applied for and asked him who would be the person to contact concerning the position.  It all went from there.  I am so grateful to him for giving me these connections.  He told me the supervisors were great and so did the HR woman, and they were right.  I know with so many people working at the hospital (8,000 I think) it could definitely be hit or miss. 

So, it's craziness.  I know it will be a huge transition for my family, but I think it will be good.  I feel ready. 

We'll see!

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