Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memory Deficient Husband (whom I love)

I love my husband. So Much! It's true. I think he is the absolute best husband, father, man, boyfriend in the whole wide world.

I just don't understand how he just doesn't remember things. I remember everything it seems with great detail. Although I do have to say that since I have had children I am a bit memory deficient myself at times, but enough about me. Back to Dan!

My poor mother-in-law. I get a message today from her saying, "Hi! We are about at our destination in Lancaster. We'll see you sometime on Saturday!"

She was so happy and chipper. I had to press replay to make sure I heard her correctly, and yes, I did hear her correctly. They were IN Lancaster and they will be seeing us THIS Saturday.

Hmmm ... then I remembered that Dan had a conversation with his parents a few weeks ago that I didn't really take part in at all. Usually I'll get on and chat for a few minutes (okay a lot of minutes because I know no other way) so it was unusual that I didn't talk to them. But, I thought it was good for Dan to talk and I would catch up with them later.

Well, now I realize that I should always at least try to talk for a few minutes because I may miss some important information like the fact that they are coming to stay with us and that they would probably like to be fed while they are here.

Honestly, I love my in-laws and don't care at all that they will be here in two days with no notice. I know my kids will be thrilled to see them especially. And, I am especially glad that my house is fairly clean so there will be no mad cleaning frenzy going on tomorrow.

It was fun to call my mom-in-law back and say, "So, what are you guys doin'?" in that this-is-all-news-to-me tone :D She said, "Didn't Daniel tell you?" I just laughed because after ten years of marriage he still doesn't fill me in on what he and his parents talk about without me on the phone.

It was fun, and then fun to call Dan and tell him. So, now I need to plan some meals for while they are here. Any suggestions? We've been eating a lot of bean recipes lately and I think it's time to move on from the beans.

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